Discover The Requirement Of A Residence Permit For Those Who Want To Emigrate To Denmark

Discover The Requirement Of A Residence Permit For Those Who Want To Emigrate To Denmark

The Denmark Greencard program is a 3-year residence permit for those who wish to emigrate to Denmark and work there. An applicant will only receive a green card in Denmark after an evaluation process which is a point-based system. You need at least 100 points to get a Greencard card for Denmark. A candidate receives points for their level of education, language skills, work experience, adaptability and age.
Education level:

You must submit your diplomas and study certificates with your application. Your education level is assessed by CIRIUS, an organization under the authority of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. You must have at least an equivalent of the Danish undergraduate degree to receive credits for your degree. The number of points awarded is as follows:

Baccalaureate / Secondary school graduate: 30 points.
License program followed by a one-year master's program: 50 points.
Master: 60 points.
PhD: 80 points.

There Are Two Other Parameters That Can Be Added To Your Educational Points. These Are:
(1) If the university where you studied is in the list of "400 best universities", you will receive the following points:

Top 400: 5 points.
Top 200: 10 points.
Top 100: 15 points.

(2) If your field of study covers an area in which Denmark currently lacks qualified professionals, you will receive bonus points. Currently, these fields are:

Academic work
To build
IT and telecommunications
Educational, social and religious work
Sales, purchasing and marketing
Health, healthcare and personal care
Transport of goods, postal services, storage and operation of engines
Education and tuition fees

Language Mastery:
You must know Danish to communicate while working in Denmark. Thus, four levels of the Danish proficiency test have been prepared so that people can start with level 1.

To start, you must prove that you have passed an exam in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German at a level corresponding at least to the Danish language test, level 1 (Prøve i Dansk 1). A candidate can receive up to 30 points for their language skills.

Professional Experience:
Denmark welcomes qualified professionals from regions where the country is deficient. A candidate receives points based on the number of years worked and the relevance of the work.

Points are given as follows:
1-2 years in the last five years as a researcher / field in the positive list: 10 points.
3-5 years in the past five years as a researcher / field on the positive list: 15 points.
3-5 years in the past five years, other work: 5 points.

A Candidate Can Receive Up To 15 Points For Work Experience.

AdaptabilityThe adaptation points are given according to your adaptation to the Danish environment. A candidate can receive points for training or work.

A candidate can receive points depending on the age of a person. Points are given as follows:

35-40 years: 10 points.
34 and under: 15 points.

An applicant can receive up to 15 age points.

Denmark is a wonderful place to live. The Danes have a good label and the country is quite safe. Denmark Greencard is a gateway to work and enjoy a beautiful place like Denmark.

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