Russia Immigration Made Easy- 7 Useful Travel Tips You Should Know

Russia Immigration Made Easy- 7 Useful Travel Tips You Should Know

If by any means you can communicate with the Russian language then you might just want to consider the tips in case you ever make a decision traveling to Russia.

Visa - You will need a visa (tourist or commercial) to enter Russia. Proceed to the procedures as soon as possible, as it may take some time.

Customs data - When entering and leaving Russia, you will need to declare all goods that you bring, respectively, out of the country. Personal items, jewelry, electronics, and everything must be declared.

About the country - In order to travel around the country, you can use buses, trains, rental cars or taxis. Use only taxis with company logos and ask for the price before starting the journey. You can also rent a car or drive your own car, in which case a road tax must be paid and speed limits of 60 kilometres per hour - on secondary roads - and 90 kilometres per hour - must be respected on major roads.

Tipping - Usually, hotel services fees are already included in the hotel bill. If not, advice of 5 to 15 percent is accepted in both hotels and restaurants.

Capital - Foreign currencies can be easily converted to the local national currency, the ruble. Currently, 1 USD equals 23.5 Russian rubles (Russian ruble). There are even institutions that accept foreign currencies, especially the dollar, as such. However, tourist checks are barely accepted.

Weather - In order to avoid the Russian cold winter and rainy summer, the best periods to visit the country are from May to June and from September to October.

Caution - Avoid the politically unstable parts of the country you hear about in the news; Do not film a cop. Do not throw garbage on the street; Do not attempt to leave the country with goods that have not been declared in customs, guns, artwork or jewelry.Advertisement

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