Latest Job Opening In Calgary - Entry Level Jobs - Apply Now

Latest Job Opening In Calgary - Entry Level Jobs - Apply Now

The city of Calgary is one of the fastest-growing destinations in Canada. Just 80 kilometres from Toronto, Calgary is in the heart of Alberta, the highest-rated place of employment in Canada. The city is magical in all aspects of its economy. It is one of the best performing economies, not only in Canada but around the world.

Economic history
The history of Calgary's economy is tangled in deep twists and turns. Before the oil industry collapsed in the late 1980s, the city was run on oil. Most of Calgary's highest paying jobs were found only in the petroleum industry. Much has changed after the crisis, however. New sectors have emerged, thereby redefining the parameters of the city's economic growth and job creation.

Some of the areas that have emerged from the rubble include:
Sports and entertainment
Tourism and hospitality

These industries have practically reshaped every aspect of the Calgary economy. They are the largest employer and also show the most promising growth trends, according to Statistics Canada, in Alberta.

Job Trends in Calgary
The city of Calgary is a little paradise on earth. It has the lowest unemployment rates, not only in Alberta but across Canada. Recent survey reports indicate that the city's unemployment rate is 4.9%. This figure is well below the projected overall national index of 7.4%. This means it is much easier to get a lucrative job in Calgary than anywhere else in Canada.

Leading employers in Calgary
For entry-level job seekers, the following sectors are essential in Calgary:

Oil and gas industry
Chemical industry
Tourism and hospitality
Oil and gas sector

As mentioned above, it has been the city's economic engine for decades. Currently, however, the sector is not as dominant. In terms of job opportunities, it still represents a proportionate number in the city. Some of the highest-paying occupations are always found in the industry. Some of them include:

Mechanical engineering
petroleum engineering
Technical and management jobs
Chemical industry

If you are in Toronto, you have certainly noticed the strong presence of the chemical industry. This is also true for the city of Calgary. The chemical industry is here a market leader in job creation and employment. Some of the key companies in this industry include:

Nova Chemicals
Dow Chemicals
Tourism and Hospitality Sector

It is one of the primary beneficiaries of the oil crisis of the late 1980s. The industry has one of the most impressive records of recent times. For example, last year alone, the city received around 3 million tourists. The numbers are expected to increase this year. This influx of tourists has placed this sector of the economy on the road to success. The hotels, monuments and other landscapes of the city represent many new jobs every year.

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